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At General Finance we have available a number of types of loans, to suit every need.

Broadly these are divided into two types: prime loans and non-conforming loans.  We also do second mortgages.

General Finance Bridging Loan

One of the core mortgage services we provide is bridging finance to assist people with short term funding proposals. This is particularly useful where a person wishes to purchase a new dwelling but has not sold their existing one. Due to the difficulty in locating good properties in Auckland, and given how easily it is currently to sell, we think more people will opt for using bridging finance.

Quick Fix Loans

Short term first (70%) and second (65%) mortgages available over good quality residential property.  Some credit impairment is acceptable.  Purposes can include bridging, cleansing and asset lend.  In some cases interest can be capitalised for bridging loans.  We must have a “takeout” for all approvals.

Construction Loans

Designed for the construction of new properties, house and land packages and home renovation and improvements . Perfect for borrowers building a home with a fixed tender price and council approved plans. On completion the loan will be refinanced to a mainstream lender.

Combination 80

A combination of first and second mortgages providing up to 80% finance. Loan purpose may include bridging loans, loans to estates, code of compliance loans, cleansing loans, loan consolidation and loans for business and tax purposes.

Second Mortgages

Suited for purchases or top-ups when banks say “No”.  (LVR up to 65%).

If you would like to learn more about our loan products, select the type below, or fill out the feedback form and we will send the details to you

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